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Sponsored by Self-Esteem for Life Foundation: A 501 C 3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization
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Nomad Theatre Company, sponsored by SELF, is a tuition-based  educational program.  Appearing around the Fox Valley Area, we produce a wide variety of projects all aimed at building self-esteem and leadership among youth grades 2nd through college.  Cast members "create not imitate" by collaborating with the director to develop a unique show based on everyone's participation and imagination. Everyone plays a part, and no one is ever 'just ensemble.'  We practice non-traditional casting.


Young Performers Edition

Grades 2-8

Performances March 17-19, 2017

Tickets $10 / $12 at the door



Aunt Em: Olivia Stephen

Barrister Munchkin/Jitterbug/Monkey: Faith Ana Dudley-Levato

Crow #1/Ozian/Guard: Olivia Stephen

Crow #2/Ozian/Guard: Eli Newcome

Dorothy: Madeline Conter

Glinda: Grace Nisius

Lion/Zeke: Andy O'Hara

Mayor Munchkin: Emma Nisius

Preshow Soloist #1: Ephraim  Newcome

Preshow Soloist #2: Faith Ana Dudley-Levato

Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz: Eli Newcome

Scarecrow/Hunk: Peyton LaCroix

Tin Man/Hickory: Peter O'Hara

Munchkin #1/Tot #1 Lullaby League: Megan O'Hara

Toto: Ephraim  Newcome

Tough Kid #1: Johanna Phillips

Tough Kid #3: Ariana Riep

Uncle Henry/Winkie Leader: Nick Svoboda

Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch: Carley Messino

Aunt Em: Amanda Fujji
Barrister Munchkin/Jitterbug/Monkey: Isabella Starmach
City Father #1: Isabella Starmach
City Father #2: Adrianna Curshellas
Coroner Munchkin/Jitterbug/Monkey: Adrianna Curshellas
Crow #1/Ozian/Guard: Amanda Fujji
Crow #2/Ozian/Guard: Michael Curshellas
Cyclone Dance Soloist: Isabella Starmach
Doorman/Guard: Everette Alhambra
Dorothy: Ella Weasler
Glinda: Reese Ratliff
Lion/Zeke: Holly Stone
Mayor Munchkin: Reagan Jorgenson
Preshow Soloist #1: Stephanie Lu
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz: Michael Curshellas
Scarecrow/Hunk: Lily DuJardin
Tin Man/Hickory: Ian Levin
Munchkin #1/Tot #1 Lullaby League: Everette Alhambra
Munchkin #2/Tot #2 Lullaby League: Adrianna Melvin
Munchkin #3/Tot #3 Lullaby League: Emery Johnson
Toto: Stephanie Lu
Tough Kid #1: Johanna Phillips
Tough Kid #2: Peter Angelini
Tough Kid #3: Ariana Riep
Uncle Henry/Winkie Leader: Nick Svoboda
Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch: Marah Floss

Apple Tree #1: Natalie Buratczuk
Aunt Em: Aubrey Risch
Barrister Munchkin/Jitterbug/Monkey: Haley Major
City Father #1: Haley Major
City Father #2: Violet McCann
Coroner Munchkin/Jitterbug/Monkey: Violet McCann
Crow #1/Ozian/Guard: Aubrey Risch
Crow #2/Ozian/Guard: Josh Beckman
Cyclone Dance Soloist: Samantha Waldron
Doorman/Guard: Natalie Buratczuk
Dorothy: Mary Kate Schoessling
Glinda: Gemma Cohen
Lion/Zeke: Alyssa Vodar
Mayor Munchkin: Samantha Waldron
Nikko Monkey: Olivia Glab
Preshow Soloist #1: Natalie Buratczuk
Preshow Soloist #2: Amanda Otten
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz: Josh Beckman
Scarecrow/Hunk: Luke Risch
Tin Man/Hickory: Alyssa Marcelain
Munchkin #1/Tot #1 Lullaby League: Amanda Otten
Munchkin #2/Tot #2 Lullaby League: Peyton Beckman
Munchkin #3/Tot #3 Lullaby League: Olivia Glab
Toto: Eric Otten
Tough Kid #1: Johanna Phillips
Tough Kid #3: Ariana Riep
Uncle Henry/Winkie Leader: Nick Svoboda
Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch: Matilda Padgitt

DIRECTOR:  Tracy Whiteside
MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Nathan Castagna

CHOREOGRAPHY: Katie Das and Kristen Das



Elf Jr.

Grades 2-8

November-December 2017

DIRECTOR:  Tracy Whiteside

Tuition $230


These are tuition-based educational programs.  Cast members supply their own costumes, makeup, and props.  There are no scholarships available at this time. Parents or cast members are asked to volunteer in some capacity such as coordinating costumes or props. The time commitment is small, and many hands make light work!

All programs meet the Illinois State Board of Education Teaching Standards for Drama/Theater Arts.


-Rehearsal space

-Music Director


-Music CDs

-Licensing of performance material


-Lighting and sound technicians

-Big fun!!

BLACK BOX THEATRE is performed on a very simple stage with minimal set pieces. This allows the actors to be the focus of the show, and offers more flexibility and staging options.

NOMAD’S KIDS productions are popular G-rated musicals or plays. This gives children grades 2-8 a chance to play the lead roles that usually go to teens in youth productions. 

NOMAD’S HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE productions are typically more edgy shows, usually with adult themes. They are often PG-13 or R-rated for language and mature content.

Everything takes place at the Arts Center of St. Charles unless otherwise specified.  Performances may be at larger venues based on number of participants and ticket sales.

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